Coach For Success
Sales Force Turnover and Lost Sleep
Turnover of a professional sales person costs an organization over $33,000
Sales and Marketing Executives International.  

Human Resource articles place the cost of turnover  equal to
100 – 180% of commission earnings.

University of Michigan study claims the main cause of lost sleep for sales
principals is the challenge of keeping the right sales people on the team.

Coach For Success increases success and decrease turnover. It keeps the
sales person
on the road practicing new techniques and developing new

Three month curriculum plan
Topics of focus:
  • Successful call management – 5 Steps To Successful Call Management
  • Managing time and territory – Know Your A, B, Cs
  • Buying and Selling Styles – Get And Stay in Sync With Your Buyers
  • Know your lines – The Art of the 30 Second Commercial
  • Expanding the customer base – Successful Prospecting and Closing
  • Coping with objections - Successful Objection Handling

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