Sales Management Services
Sales Management
  • Sales Management within the Executive Team
  • Nuts and bolts sales management and distribution channel development
  • Sales analysis and goal planning
  • Sales team recruiting
  • Executive sales management coaching and development

Annual Sales and Budget Planning
  • Multi Dimensional Annual Planning
  • "Zero based" budgeting approach
  • Creating partnerships between goal setters and goal achievers

Steps to Success
  • To achieve goals, four steps are required:
  1. Clearly understand the current state of the business
  2. Establish the future goals for the business
  3. Create a series of steps to get there
  4. Monitor the progress to goal completion
  5. Communicate progress amongst involved parties

All management services are designed specifically for the client - there is no
one size fits all approach!

Clark Orlaska
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Delivers nuts and bolts sales management expertise
to increase success in current or new marketplaces