Seminar Examples
Buying and Selling Styles
Goal: Understand the four buying styles: Amiable, Driver, Relationship, and
Analytical. Learn to match selling styles to buying styles for higher level sales

Call Management
Goal: There are five keys to successful call management: Preparation,
Qualifying, Presentation, Q-losing (Closing), and Post Call Planning. These
keys are the foundation of value added selling and form the foundation for
successful call management and success.

Know Your Lines
Goal: As sales people, we sell more of what we sell and less of what we don’t
sell. Break this cycle of familiarity-based selling. Create and practice 30
second commercials for your lines and for yourself. Know how to put the best
face on all of your lines and yourself!

Itinerary Management
Goal: Use proven time and itinerary management techniques to learn to
manage a territory instead having it manage the sales person.

Objection Handling and Exclusivity
Goal: Learn techniques to identify and answer key sales objections. Also,
spend time working with fellow attendees on current field objections and
potential solutions. Discuss retailer’s expectations of exclusivity and ways to
cope with those expectations.

Terminology and Retail Math
Goal: Understanding terminology and math is one thing. Helping your retailer
understand it is another. Review common terminology and learn to calculate
sales per square foot, turnover, average inventory, and open to buy.